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The Human Condition


The human con­di­tion is to be aware of our real­ity yet dream and hope for more despite any unlike­li­ness of ever achiev­ing more. We will always die although we have always and will always seek immor­tal­ity. We will always have con­flict although we will ever seek peace. We will always seek jus­tice and equal­ity although they will ever be elu­sive. We will always desire what we do not have even though we wish to be con­tent. And it is those desires that will always drive us to want more, although want­ing more is the source of our dis­con­tent and, there­fore, our condition.

There is no solu­tion to the dilemma because there is no dilemma. Our con­di­tion is what makes us human and arguably what makes the life of mankind beau­ti­ful despite the dis­ap­point­ments. What’s more, it is our pur­suit of these noble ideals which makes mankind evolve into a more per­fect cre­ation. It is not the accom­plish­ment of these goals that mat­ters as much as our relent­less pur­suit of them against all odds.

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