Version 2.0: The Upgrade


I often refer to my son as BpD 2.0 because I con­sider him to be the upgraded model of myself. I think about his life and all of the things that I will fight to pro­vide for him. Where I went to the local uni­ver­sity I will make sure he has the oppor­tu­nity to go to an Ivy League insti­tu­tion, if he chooses. Things it took me thirty years to learn I will work to teach him in fif­teen, if he chooses to learn.

I look at my son and some­times I find myself envy­ing him. He will go places that I can only imag­ine because I will work to make sure of that. My goal is to launch him in the stratos­phere and watch as his tal­ents and abil­i­ties take him fur­ther than my mea­ger measure.

It may seem odd that I say “envy.” I can admit it. I wish I had the oppor­tu­ni­ties I will pro­vide for him. That’s why I will do all I can to pro­vide them for him. He deserves every­thing I could ever give him and then some.

But as I write these lines I real­ize that as much as my son is the upgraded ver­sion of me, I am the upgraded ver­sion of my father. Already I’ve gone far­ther than my father in many, many respects. And although he’s no longer with me, I know with­out a doubt that he is still root­ing me on. Just last night I dreamed that he met my wife and smiled from ear to ear because he approve of her.

And so, I will push my son even fur­ther in what­ever direc­tion he chooses. Why? Because my father would do the same for me. Every father should do that for his children.

Then I real­ized. My son isn’t ver­sion 2.0 of me; he’s ver­sion 3.0 of my father. The legacy continues.

Love you dada.

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  1. Steve 06/26/2011, 3:35 am:

    I’m there. Went far­ther than my father and expect my son to eclipse my accomplishments.

  2. Norman Doctor 06/26/2011, 6:28 am:

    I have been made whole. I have not seen my father in over 17 years and on June 24, 2011 I stood face to face with him and told him I for­gave him. He in return told me he was sorry for every­thing! The upgrade is a con­tin­u­ous instal­la­tion process until the earth cov­ers you. I learned a lot about myself that day. Ben.….GREAT POST!

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