Just Let the Young Man Play


Tim Tebow is a lik­able guy. As a Chris­t­ian I always get goose­bumps when some­one cred­its their suc­cess to the hand of God. So when­ever I see Tim Tebow play I can’t help but feel a bit of joy! But, then the inevitable hap­pens. I hear politi­cians and radio hosts tak­ing full advan­tage of this oppor­tu­nity by politi­ciz­ing the faith of a sin­cere young man. I get dis­gusted because this is what they do so well. They try to manip­u­late Chris­tian­ity as if it were a wholly-owned sub­sidiary of the Repub­li­can Party.

Then, I hear non­be­liev­ers attack­ing Tebow because they are “dis­gusted” with his open faith. They attempt to dis­credit his pass­ing abil­ity but can’t deny his abil­ity to win. I can’t help but to then come to his defense because I share his faith. Chris­tians, just like fam­ily, will always close rank around each other when one of us are attacked no mat­ter how much we may dis­agree in private!

I don’t know what the Tebow haters dis­like more: the fact that he is a Chris­t­ian or the fact that there are some in  the Repub­li­can Party that are tak­ing advan­tage of his faith. (The lat­ter dis­gusts me more than his faith could pos­si­bly dis­gust an athe­ist.) Clearly there are some non­be­liev­ers and adher­ents of other faiths that dis­like Tebow because he is openly Christian.

I won­der would those who dis­like Tebow would like him more if, instead of being openly Chris­t­ian, he were openly gay. Then, I won­der if those who love him so much because of his faith would like him all the same if he were a reg­is­tered Democrat.

The point is, as Tebow is hav­ing his moment in the sun the omi­nous clouds of pol­i­tics are hov­er­ing over. What’s worse for him, there really isn’t any­thing he can do about it. Those on the left are turned off either by his faith or by the fact that Repub­li­cans prop him up as though they were ready to run him for pres­i­dent. Those on the Right are water­ing down this young man’s sin­cere faith by mix­ing it with their polit­i­cal rhetoric. What is Tebow to do? Sim­ple. Keep win­ning and let the rest of the world fig­ure out what he already knows: he’s a foot­ball player, not a politician.

Pol­i­tics is a dis­gust­ing enough game already. Why ruin foot­ball or Tebow’s Cin­derella sea­son with par­ti­san bick­er­ing. Just let the young man play.

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